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Keep up to date on Dynform.it via RSS

The contents of Dynform.it are now available on RSS Reader format of your choice.

Your Reader will notify you of new content published on the website Dynform.it proposing preview: photos, titles and direct link to the website page where the content is published on Dynform.it.

The full service (articles and photos) are now accessible through the link in your reader that you will refer to the full content of newly published Dynform.it
RSS: What is it?
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format that uses XML to notify the publication of a new content on the Web and makes it easy to aggregate the content of a site and present in other forms through a specially installed Reader (reader or interpreter document RSS).

And all without the need to surf the Internet.

The news published on Dynform.it and marked by the label 'RSS', can then be displayed on an RSS Reader. just a new feed aggiungegere Dynform.it among those displayed in the table beside him. To download a reader go to the list here on the side of the Reader and follow the instructions that you downloaded and installed to add a new feed.
By way of example we give you a list of some of Readers downloaded from the Internet.
We recommend you to search for the Reader freeware (free) or shareware suit you best on the most common search engines, download, install and activate our RSS feed to keep updated on everything that is news!
* NetNewsWire
For MAC. Easy to use and powerful.

* SharpReader
Simple but effective.

* RssReader
For Windows. A news aggregator for RSS and Atom.
Terms of use
Dynform.it RSS feeds can be used for any purpose by individuals and organizations of all types for display using software for reading and aggregating RSS documents, called Readers. Their use is allowed to publish titles Dynform.it content on Web sites or weblogs. DYNFORM by Ernesto Osci reserves the right to dispose of the service at any time and the right to request the immediate cessation of any specific use of RSS feeds not previously requested and expressly authorized.

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