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Create your own Web-App!
The new frontier is mobile communication.
Information always available, interactivity, innovative services!
Create your own Web App, your web application for mobile devices!
Your app will be optimized for the Apple iPhone and iPodTouch, but also available for Apple iPad and Google Android devices and BlackBerry platforms.
By connecting to your web address from a mobile device like the iPhone, you will not see the town website, visible from a PC, but your new web app. At this point you can also add the app to your home and launch the welcome picture.

Your app will be navigable all the hand movements planned for multitouch.
You can then navigate through the pages by moving your fingers. Per click, scroll and zoom.

Your contact details will be active. You can then click on your telephone number to launch the call.

You can view interactive maps and see the paths into the Google Maps.
To navigate a web-app, and see an example way, connected to our address www.dynform.it, from an iPhone (or a phone or a tablet supported).
At this point you can also add the app to your home and then launch the welcome picture.
Build your own your web app like ours.
Browse our app to your iPhone by connecting with our address www.dynform.it.
And then aggoingi the app to your homepage, by clicking the home button.

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