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Create your new Website!
With a website created by Dynform you can offer your visitors all the content that you prefer.

You can put in your site text information of all kinds: personal, corporate, presentations, news, and more.
You can upload, very quickly, all the images you want.
We create many kinds of animated web galleries.
You can upload, just as quickly, all the documents you want.
You can post all the dates or events that you prefer.
You can upload video on your personal web space or through the services offered by the network such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and others.
You can upload your site all the audio samples of your choice.
In the most common format of the network: MP3.
You can view the sample pages or to offer podcasts and sound foundations.
Interact with your site in real time!

You will receive email notifications of any activities directly from your website.
You can receive electronic payments directly from your website with credit cards and debit cards.
You can communicate in real time with visitors to your site.
User Registration
User Registration
You can offer your website visitors the opportunity to register for access to restricted areas.
You can send promotional messages to all your contacts directly from your website.
Social Networks
Social Networks
You can link your website with the many services offered by the network such as YouTube, Facebook and many others.
We develop each site or web-application with the most innovative technologies of the network
Web Technologies
Dynform can integrate your website with the many services offered by the network, such as:
Facebook Facebook
You can link your site to your wall or create your own personalized pages on Facebook.

You can allow visitors of your site to share content over Facebook network.

You can view your website videos uploaded to YouTube.
Thus increasing your popularity on the web.

Google Apps GoogleMaps
You can view your site interactive maps to show the location of your seats or for more information.
Allow visitors to calculate the path to your seats.

Google StreetView
You can view the Google's new three-dimensional maps in your site.

Google Analytics
Link your site to the service of statistics to monitor the access to the site.
Receive by email periodically reports statistics.

Google Adsense
Integrate Google's advertising platform and earn with your site.

Our publications have all the quality certification.
All our publications are certified by W3C, world body for quality control of web pages.
Web sites created by Dynform are tested in popular browsers in the market
Waterways are also in mobile devices (smartphones and tablet) in the popular market
Becomes visible in the sea of Internet

Climb the rankings for free
Dynform helps you to achieve the objectives:
  • The code of the websites we produce is written in a workmanlike manner and is easily read by search engines.
  • You can manage the contents of the site without limits, is vitally important.
  • You can manage your keywords and the information necessary for the discovery of the site by the search engines.
Hosting plans that we offer is included activation, free for the first year of service, which provides reporting ENGINES PREMIUM site to over 100 engines and indexing on Google guaranteed.
Google Adwords Users
Buy advertising
If you need to be immediately displayed in the search engines you can buy in Circuit campaigns such as Google Adwords.
Dynform can follow your campaigns from first to last.
Manage your site's content in complete autonomy

Every project is always delivered along with an administration area of content.
You may, at any time and from any location, update the contents of your website in real time! Whether text, photos, video or audio.
Text-editor and links
The text handling is complete. We offer you a modern text editor which allows all the necessary formatting and allows the addition of web elements such as links.
Text management
Image management
Super fast image management
Image management has evolved. It allows you to upload images of different types (jpg, gif, png, psd, tif, bmp) and allow you to load so many at once.

Images uploaded are revised automatically generating all the sizes needed for the site (small, medium, large). The cropping of the images is so automatic, but is also available online manual cropping.
Document management convenient and fast
The document management is just as advanced as that of the images. It allows you to upload files of different types (pdf, zip, doc, xls, ppt and other) and allow you to load so many at once.
Document management
Searching and sorting
Searching and sorting
The user can search, even partial, in all included content to the site.

Custom orders available to the technique of dragging. Convenient and fast.

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